Piercing tips & after care by professionals.


This article is all about the top body piercing tips and care which you will get from best tattoo studio of Thornton, Colorado, and bear in mind all the tips and care instructions you will get are by professional body piercers who have years of practices in body piercing area and based on real experiences during and after body piercing. Hope so it will be handy for those who are going for piercing on their body.


One can get tips and aftercare for ear piercing, lip piercing, oral piercing, facial piercing, surface piercing, nose piercing, and genital piercing with expert body piercers of this studio. Also you can ask them your questions or doubt regarding body piercing and they’ll give you satisfactory solutions and also assist you to choose the right part of your body for piercing.

Right and safe jewellery placement is also important thing in body piercing, so one can get help of them to choose the right jewellery or lobes to suit their body. Some body piercing are risky for health, and these professionals always suggest safe piercing to avoid the health risk.

  • Don’t choose upper ear piercings if you use headphones or helmet daily

  • Choose always right jewellery

  • Don’t blindly copy others, if only piercing suit to your body, then go for it as everyone has different body

  • Beware of money rapacious studio or shop

  • Think your safety side first, then about the fashion

  • Think your clothing habit first, then go for some piercing

  • Always consult a professional body piercer instead of cheap and nonprofessional

  • Take Vitamin packed food for healing 

  • process

  • After some days, change your bedsheets

  • For few weeks, avoid direct sunlight

  • Cover the piercing while swimming

  • Care most during the initial healing period

There are more tips and verbal care instructions avail, you just need to ask our experts, they will help their best to satisfy you with best possible solutions regarding body piercing. Everything is not in our hand, sometimes we care enough for all the way, still we get problem or get infections, or other side effect. Don’t be confuse or hesitate to ask, it’s our profession and we are any time ready to help you.

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