There are more than 20,000 tattoo parlors throughout the United States serving millions of tattoo enthusiasts from coast to coast. Tattoos have never been more popular with an estimated almost 40 percent of Americans having at least one. There are a few things that you’ll find in all tattoo parlors around the country, including Denver, and those are the tattoo supplies used by the experts.  



Common tattoo supplies found in Denver include needles and cartridges- without which, a tattoo artist would be pretty ineffective. Needles are used to deliver the ink to the layers of skin just below the surface, and cartridges are used to hold wells of ink for application. There are five common types of needles used in tattoo parlors including shaders, flat, round, turbo, and magnum. Smaller gauge needles are best for line work while larger gauge needles are effective with shading.   


tattoo machine

Needles and cartridges work with a tattoo machine and there are two common types of these machines – coil and rotary. Coil tattoo machines tend to be easier to use and are the most common type. Rotary machines are for purists who prefer the classic type of tattoo machine. It takes more skill and practice to use but is also quieter during sessions.  


tattoo ink

A tattoo is forever and is only as good as the ink used. Over time tattoos have a tendency to fade and become less vibrant. This effect is felt even more if a shop isn’t using the best quality inks. Many tattoo shops opt for a wide variety of ink brands and colors to ensure they have anything that a client could want and so that they provide tattoos that will look great for years to come.    


Stencils are often used in tattoo shops to provide a guide for an artist when tattooing a client. A stencil can be made of a predesigned tattoo that you pick in a shop, or it can be created from a unique and custom drawing made by a talented artist. Stencils also help artists tattoo faster and with much more accuracy than without.

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