“I have always wanted to get a tattoo” is the statement I have been hearing for quite a while now from some of my friends. Considering it a huge transformation, they have been in a dilemma ever since. Quite obviously they want to go for a tattoo that means something to them, something that is close to their heart. The predicament that most of them are now facing is the level of boldness they want to opt for. This does not match with the lifestyle some of them have. The reasons being the workplace and friends. A subtle tattoo design is what all of them are searching now. Sometimes, understated tattoos can also mean a lot. Well, this is what I suggested them which led to their next question to strike in- “Where do I find a subtle yet meaningful tattoo?”

If this is the case with my friends I am quite sure there are a lot many of you facing the same problem. I went through a series of blogs and videos that explained the same and I have narrowed my suggestions as listed below:

“Tattoos should be worn with pride”


      1. Be a subtle activist

You do not always need to be fierce to portray the rights you fight for. A subtle body art can be a great way to represent what you fight for. A tattoo does not always have to be a conversation starter. For instance, a tiny equal sign can leave a great impact on the minds of people for those who get it while at the s

 A finger tattoo is trendy and at the same time keeps your views out there in the world.ame time being subtle. For the others who do not, they are just two lines.

      2. Inspired by nature much?

It’s hard to argue with something that is close to nature. A lovely leaf or a flower or probably a cactus always by your side to protect you is a beautiful manifestation of a tattoo. Having this tattoo at your ankle gives it a deeper sense as if it’s growing out like it actually does from the earth beneath.

Bonus: Tattoos at ankles are quite easy to hide with socks and shoes.

      3. The hidden spots

A tattoo behind the ears fits perfectly for any social setting. Here you can ink almost anything. You may as well tell your own little story while being subtle. When you want your tattoo really hidden, you can easily cover it up with your hair.

Bonus: A tattoo behind the ear is a definite win-win.

      4. Your loved one’s handwriting

Handwriting of someone who is close to your heart looks very beautiful on the skin. This could be a message from someone you had a meaningful relationship with such as your grandmother or any other relative or friend. It’s just not the handwriting but the sentiments attached with that person.

Bonus: A spot near your waist which can be easily hidden.

When getting a tattoo whether you wish to honor a loved one, a belief that holds close to your heart or just a memory do you often hold back because of the social settings around you? Make a statement with some meaningful subtle tattoo designs.

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