Tattoos are considered to be more or less permanent. Which is why it’s important to be absolutely sure about your design and whether you want one or not in the first place. Whether you’re buddy hooked you up the old fashion way (never try this at home!) or you’ve changed your mind on one you’ve had for many years, you can most likely replace it with a new tattoo. A reputable tattoo shop in Thorton can help you choose a great replacement when you’re ready.

Tattoo replacement or ‘cover up’ is simply blending over another tattoo or unsightly marking on the skin with other ink. The term is often thought of as just applying new ink to old tattoos when in reality the skilled tattoo artist will use various methods of blending shading to get the exact depth of color and detail.









Tattoo replacements can be done over stretch markings that some woman have after childbirth. While it’s completely normal for stretch marks to appear after birth, many women cringe at the sight. A soft and beautiful custom tattoo covering over the area takes the eyes away from those markings.

Perhaps you and a friend did homemade tattoos in your youth. Tattoo replacement is a great way to cover older and unsightly tattoos, even years down the road. Tattoo replacement can be done at any time and over any tattoo. The amount of time and methods depend on the type of tattoo you currently have. Roughly 36% of people between the ages 18 to 21 regret the ‘on-a-whim’ tattoo. It’s important to give yourself time to find ink that best represents you and what you’d want to show in the future.


Many factors play a role in successful tattoo replacement. Consider the tattoo you are replacing. How deep are the colors? Is it faded? What’s your original design look like against the design you’re considering as a replacement? Soft colors, faded designs, and a relatively smaller design of your original will be easier to cover and take less time. Depending on your original tattoo, you may need to get a few laser removal sessions to fade it enough before the cover up can begin. Larger tattoos require longer sessions and detailing but will eventually measure up to the design you hope to achieve. Your best solution is to ask your expert tattoo shop in Thornton before making a decision.


If you want to get a tattoo replacement, start looking for designs that appeal to you. You don’t want to end up disliking it in the future so broaden your horizons with designs. Take your time and consult with your tattoo expert for options based on your current tattoo.

Your tattoo placement should be a well-thought out process before you book your appointment. Our experts at Davians tattoo will guide you to the perfect design and custom made tattoo for your replacement. Contact us today to schedule a session!